Local business network, CTN offers support to people in the workplace

Based in Exeter, the Crosslink Transformation Network (CTN) aims to encourage, support and connect people in the workplace across Devon and progressively beyond in the South West region. This could be entrepreneurs braving a start-up or established businesses as well as employees. In fact, anyone in the workplace.

CTN has brought businesspeople and workers together over the past 13 years. The network is led by Barrie Townsend and Frank Bennett who have hosted many monthly breakfast events at the Imperial and at the Toby Carvery. Lately these have had to be virtual, but the group has continued to grow despite the challenges of the pandemic.

CTN operates on Christian principles – however it is open to people of all faiths and none. “We believe God is interested in people as individuals, as well as in their work and workplace,” said Barrie Townsend who was in the motor trade for most of his career.

Frank Bennett is a former police officer who believes work is so much more than a career. “Work is where we spend so many of those irreplaceable days of our lives and where we interact with colleagues, customers, suppliers, visitors etc,” he says. “It is the centre of our economy and where we learn to develop the business, leadership, managerial, operational and social skills that help make us the person we are today and aspire to be tomorrow.”

The workplace can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Whether that is working from home or at a specific location. It is a place where colleagues can become friends or where stress can isolate and overwhelm. Readers are invited to consider becoming part of CTN and benefit from interaction with other businesspeople or employees.

“You may be a Christian who has never really thought that God is interested in your work or that spiritual things could happen outside church,” says Frank. “Most of us in CTN thought that way once, but now see things differently. We would love to hear from people in the workplace across Devon.”  

While CTN attracts people from across the South West, it also has a special focus on Exeter’s largest trading estate which you can read about in the accompanying article.

Email Barrie Townsend at info@CTNsouthwest.network.

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Al Gibson has been part of CTN Southwest for several years. A journalist by profession he heads Countdown Creative and edits Devon Business, a blog that helps local companies get noticed. He is also an internationally published author of several books and writes for GOD TV, International Christian, UK Christian and US Christian.

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