Based in Devon, Crosslink Transformation Network (CTN) Southwest is a proactive movement that aims to share the Good News of Jesus in the local marketplace in the hope that it will be transformed. Started by Frank Bennett and Barrie Townsend in 2008, CTN hosts regular business breakfasts, virtual gatherings and testimony evenings. They also offer a listening ear, prayer support and an opportunity for members to network.

Frank Bennett has been a Christian for many years and is inspired by hearing people tell of what God has done in their lives and workplaces. As well as being a coach, Frank worked for 30 years as a police officer and a key part of this time was as a leadership and management trainer. Together with Barrie he has developed a Leadership and Management Training course, Destiny to Lead (D2L) based on Christian principles. Frank is also an Executive Council member of Christians Together Across Exeter (CTAX). Contact Frank at

Barrie Townsend has been privileged to have held management and senior management roles for over 40 years presiding over service operations of car, van and truck franchised dealerships, and accident repair centres for major motor manufacturers including Ford and Vauxhall. Though he is ‘retired’ he still sees it as an honour to develop, train, encourage and release team members into the fullness of their potential. Contact Barrie at

Why should you engage with CTN?

At CTN we would encourage you to “take spiritual responsibility” for your workplace. To accept that you are God’s man or woman in your workplace and answer God’s call to partner with Him to see genuine transformation. CTN is a network of like-minded Christians who can encourage you to do just that and enjoy both the excitement and the challenge – all cost free. Are you up for it?

We believe that for someone who is a Christian and who has been open about this the workplace is both exciting and challenging. Exciting because our workplace is where we have so much contact with staff, colleagues, customers and suppliers and where our skills and character are on display, especially so if we have a leadership or managerial role. Challenging when accepting we aren’t perfect, to be highly ethical and treat everyone as God sees them. Challenging to live an authentic life in front of others, caring for them and taking God-given opportunities to sensitively share one’s faith with those around you at appropriate times and in appropriate situations. 

Come take your place at CTN Southwest. Contact us today via email.