We currently operate in the South West of the UK in the Exeter area and are actively seeking to develop additional networks in Plymouth, North Devon, Mid-Devon, Taunton, East Devon/Exmouth, South Devon and the Marsh Barton Estate on the Exeter outskirts.

Crosslink – We can potentially encourage and support you by connecting you, free of any charge or costs, with Christian men and women who have been through many of the issues and stages you are or are likely to go through in the place where we spend so much of our time, our workplace. A supportive network of likeminded Christians.

Transformation – CTN started out as Crosslink, but we really grew to value the specific word Transformation and so purposely added this into our name. Why? Because we wholeheartedly believe God is interested in the unique person we are and that He is also really interested in our work. Ed Silvoso, founder of Harvest Evangelism and the Transform our World Network says that for a nation to be changed, cities must be changed and for a city to change the marketplace must change. Read more about this in Ed’s book Transformation: Change The Marketplace and You Change the World.

Ed has identified four levels of engagement for Christians in the marketplace. We found these greatly challenging to read, especially as he estimates 90% of Christians are at level two and we would have to agree with him on this. When we read the definition of level three, we realised that this is where we want to be: a network encouraging Christians to get a place where real transformation of the workplace can begin. We believe it’s time to accept God’s call to partner with Him in our workplaces. May you allow Him to work through you in the marketplace whether you are the business owner, director, employee or are self-employed.

CrossLife – We recognise the transformational power in hearing someone speak honestly and openly about what God has done in the life of a person. That is why we try to allow this to happen as simply and easily as possible by holding short informal events either online through Zoom or at a café/restaurant/hotel where a Christian shares their story. We call these CrossLife events and would love to see a CrossLife event held regularly in each of the areas we are seeking to develop into.

Email Barrie Townsend at info@ctnsouthwest.network and get on our mailing list for notifications of future events including our Friday morning Zoom calls.