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CTN starts up again with a challenging talk by executive coach, Terry Sanford

Dear Friends, following the August break, we welcome you to join us again on Thursday 22nd September at 8am when we resume the Zoom ‘breakfast’ programme. We are also looking to start our ‘face-to-face’ breakfast meetings again and will keep you posted about that.

However, we’re pleased to welcome Terry Sanford of Kinglake Leadership Solutions as our speaker in September via Zoom. Many of you will know Terry, particularly if you regularly attended the breakfast meetings at The Imperial in Exeter a few years back.

About Terry Sanford

Terry is an encourager, leader and certified executive coach. He is passionate about coaching and the change it brings. His focus is his purpose statement; “I believe everyone has the right to be free to be who they were created to be”. He believes in maximising the potential in people and business.

Having started his career in RF and Microwave electronics and been involved in many global projects around communications, Terry’s first team leading position was to be part of a team that designed and implemented a world leading, highly specialised fibre optic test rig for electromagnetic pulse detection. This led to many international speaking engagements in this field.

Very early on he realised leading people is not about lording it over them but serving them and empowering them to be the best they can be. Having then spent many years running teams of various sizes in various sectors, such as IT, Construction and Education, he decided he wanted to help and inspire others to be effective leaders in their fields. Leaders are grown not manufactured, which takes time and effort.

His passion is to see organisations / teams led by genuine, authentic, transparent leaders who know who they are and are able to get the best out of their teams and develop the people within them to lead in the same way.

Much hoping you will be free to join us for what we believe will be a most inspiring talk! Click to join us on Thursday 22nd September at 8am.

About Barrie Townsend

Barrie Townsend is one of the leaders of CTN Southwest. He has held management and senior management roles for over 40 years presiding over service operations of car, van and truck franchised dealerships, and also Accident Repair Centres for some major motor manufacturers including Ford and Vauxhall. Though he is ‘retired’ he still sees it as an honour to develop, train, encourage and release team members into the fullness of their potential.

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