Business as Mission – We welcome Peter Lawry again from New Zealand

We are pleased to welcome Peter Lawry back to CTN to share a message on “Thriving within the boundaries of your business call”.

Peter, who is from Business As Mission will be our speaker on Friday 20th October 2023 at 8 am via Zoom. Please embrace this opportunity to hear from this prophetic businessperson, author and international speaker who has a call to empower Christian businesses.

Previously Peter has blessed us with such messages as ‘Make God the CEO of your Business’. Click this link to watch the video of this message.

Peter’s talk on“Thriving within the boundaries of your business call” will be inspiring. It will be challenging! And It will be transformational as we navigate to overcome in these increasingly difficult times.

About Peter Lawry

Recognised by his peers as a top business improvement adviser in New Zealand, Peter Lawry was called by God, in March 2021, to leave a national franchise and focus specifically on empowering Christian SME businesses internationally – via public speaking, books, support networks, and consulting engagements. Through his company, Business As Mission Ltd, he challenges Christian business owners to radically rethink their ideas about what business is and can be – encouraging them to embrace a completely new foundation. 

Inspired by the life of Jesus, and referencing His Prayer, Peter will challenge you to build a God-centred, Kingdom-focused, self-sustaining business, led by the King Himself. He offers weekly ‘Kingdom business bites’ on NZ national radio (available via his website).

His first book, When Jesus Calls: Transforming businesses into expressions of God’s Kingdom, reissues to entrepreneurs the invitation of Jesus: align your business with the Kingdom of God. It’s a gentle wooing by God’s Spirit: an invitation so attractive and outrageous that you’re drawn beautifully into His realm of possibilities, where God Himself takes the lead, as CEO of your business, powerfully renovating it into what He knows it can be. In the book Peter shares interviews with business owners from around the English-speaking world, proving that God’s faithfulness.

Peter’s upbringing in six countries, 30 years’ experience in 14 industries, double accountancy qualification, deep faith in Jesus, and prayerful, prophetic nature, all combine to offer dynamic ‘tools’ to help Christians honour God in business. He welcomes your contact by email You can visit his website at

Please really ‘push the boat out’ and invite others to link in. Click to join the Zoom meeting on Friday 20th October 2023 at 8 am.

GBU, Frank & Barrie 

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About Barrie Townsend

Barrie Townsend is one of the leaders of CTN Southwest. He has held management and senior management roles for over 40 years presiding over service operations of car, van and truck franchised dealerships, and also Accident Repair Centres for some major motor manufacturers including Ford and Vauxhall. Though he is ‘retired’ he still sees it as an honour to develop, train, encourage and release team members into the fullness of their potential.

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