CTN distributes Lifelines newspaper to 47,000 homes across Exeter

CTN Southwest has partnered with Alive in the Spirit Charity in Plymouth to produce a 12-page newspaper and distribute it across the city in early June. Entitled Lifelines, it contains good news stories of how people have come through lockdown victoriously and shares messages of hope. This publishing project follows the publication of Lifelines Plymouth which was distributed throughout the city in November last year.

Lifelines is the vision of seasoned and experienced journalist Chris Girdler and his wife Debbie. He is a partner of Cornerstone Vision Limited, along with Chris Cole and Ian Pilkington.  Cornerstone Vision and Lifelines have produced newspapers for churches over the years and is the publisher of the Plymouth Chronicle. 

Cornerstone is the company which resourced the Cross Rhythms international media platform. 

CTN leaders, Frank Bennett and Barrie Townsend have raised the funding for Exeter Lifelines project with support from local business people who are members of CTN and local churches who have collectively raised several thousand pounds towards the production of the newspaper and its distribution via Royal Mail.

The digital version of Lifelines Exeter is now available for download and the printed version will be distributed from 7th June, 2021 to nearly 47,000 Exeter addresses.

“We are praying now please for a ‘spiritual awakening’ in Exeter”, said Barrie Townsend.

“We are hoping to encourage as many Christians as we can to become interested in reaching non-believers through sharing personal testimonies,” said Frank Bennett. “We hope this will initiate many opportunities for Zoom calls and face-to-face meetings where questions about the Christian faith can be discussed.

Chris Girdler said: “We are delighted to be working with CTN and pray that this latest edition will have a real impact on the people of Exeter.”

Lifelines will contain testimonies of transformed lives along with stories about Christian ministries in Exeter. If you live in Exeter, make sure you get your copy and pass it on to those who need to hear some good news. Please also share the digital copy widely online once it is available.

Download your copy of Lifelines Exeter and share it on your digital platforms.

About Frank Bennett

Frank Bennett is one of the leaders of CTN Southwest. As well as being a coach, Frank worked for 30 years as a police officer and a key part of this time was as a leadership and management trainer. He has developed the Destiny to Lead (D2L) Management Training course, based on Christian principles. Frank is also an Executive Council member of Christians Together Across Exeter (CTAX). Get in touch with Frank at frank@ctnsouthwest.network


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