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“Do I need this for the next season? – David Shadbolt at CTN, Jan 2022

David Shadbolt, the author of God’s Healing For Businesses was our first speaker of the year, bringing deep prophetic insights…. If you haven’t heard David before, you will be inspired to go deeper with God this year in your life and business.

In his 40 minute talk at CTN David shared candidly about decluttering – letting go of the past to make way for the present. He shared how God instructed him not to get angry about the things he couldn’t do during Lockdown and focus on the things he was able to do. If you feel God is repositioning you, you will be encouraged by his message.

“For those of you who are in business, I feel there are so many opportunities that God is going to give us,” says David, “and if we hold on to some of the old, we might miss some of the new…

“There are so many resources in the Kingdom of God for businesses… There are alliances coming in business that you would never have expected. Opportunities happening, as some companies have been weakened, and are more open to conversations about partnership and investors who may have been spooked in one area, may now invest in another area…

“It’s easy to miss these things if we are focused on holding onto things from the past, which prevent us from moving on to the new things. So I encourage you to connect with others who can hear from God and pray for your business and pray for your staff because God loves people.

“I feel a merging of prophetic people and business people is coming as the Lord brings us together in prayer. In this way we will develop greater sensitivity to the communications from Heaven. This could be your challenge for 2022, to get some people together and and start praying in a way that is intentional, asking God for the insights you need.

“If you’ve got your own business, you have a different level of authority, spiritually, as well as physically and practically. There is a sense in which you can do certain things that you couldn’t otherwise do. However, one one of the things that I encourage all people to do, whatever their workspace, is to bring the Kingdom of God into the space that has been delegated to them.

“Start praying intentionally for God’s presence into that place, start to own that space. Then how God shows up is up to Him. As you do this, you will start to tune in to the things God has planned for you, your business and your staff. As He listens to us speaking His word over things, He hears and acts. Develop a sensitivity to the communications from Heaven because God can respond is so many different ways…

“Sometimes I say to God, “I need answers”. And He replies, “I won’t give you the answers you asked for, I’ll give you the wisdom you need.” So we need to develop a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit so we know the right steps to take. Step out into the things God is saying to you, then see what He does. Yes we want formulas but He’s not giving us formulas. We want nice little principles. He’s not giving us those. He’s, saying we need to move more into being led by the Spirit and see where He takes us.”

About David Shadbolt

David Shadbolt is a Christian businessperson and prophetic voice, known for his School of Prophecy. He is married to Anna and they have a son. David is known for his two books, ‘Hello David this is God‘ and ‘God’s Healing for Businesses.’ He is also part of the wider leadership of Hope which has its main campus in Orpington with other congregations in the borough. He is part of planting churches and loves business as well as the prophetic. His heart is to help people find their place in the Kingdom of God and to be really effective for him. Through his website, Unwrap TV – David presents video clips to encourage you to grow in the gift of prophecy.

“Do I need this for the next season – Video

The full recording of David’s talk is now available to our members, with further prophetic insights and stories that will be valuable for your business. As this is a personal ‘family talk’ where he shares from his heart, we are not making this recording public. Please email info@ctnsouthwest for the link. Thanks.

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