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‘Do we know what shards of glass are affecting the people around us?’ Paul Morrish asks

Prominent businessperson, Paul Morrish shares on the importance of nurturing in the marketplace, to unlock potential and ensure success.

Exeter-based businessperson, Paul Morrish was our guest speaker on 23 July 2021. In the video clip below, he shares his feedback on his testimony in the Exeter Lifelines and how important it is to motivate people to succeed in business. Paul also relays two stories that many readers will identify with.

Firstly, Paul talks about a TV documentary that he participated in that he found painful. He was featured in BBC The Money Programme in 2002 while he was a leader at Barclays Bank. The way it was edited caused Paul embarrassment and strained relationships with his family, however he was able to learn from the experience and become a better leader. For the first time, he admits how much he relied on getting positive affirmation and how difficult it was when this was not forthcoming.

Secondly, Paul tells the story of England cricketer, Jofra Archer who was no longer able to bowl after an injury to his hand. Paul likens this to Paul’s ‘thorn in his flesh’ and shares how vital it is to find the root cause of a problem. “Do we know what shards of glass are affecting the people around us?” he asks. “Until we know, we can’t help unlock their potential. We also need to know what the shards are in our own lives.”

Thankfully, Jofra has recovered and believes his best years of test cricket are still ahead of him. According to Sky Sports he is planning his comeback. We can all bounce back from the challenges we face if we deal with the root cause. In Paul’s case he felt that lack of affirmation, was part of his shards of glass. Today it has helped him to become more nurturing of others and this is something he advocates in the marketplace to achieve business success.

“If we are not a nurturer, we are an abuser, a taker,” Paul observes, “and I feel the role of a leader in the marketplace is to nurture those around us.”

Paul Morrish at CTN

When He saw the crowds,He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” (Matthew 9:36)

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