Al Whitmoor-Pryer

From Fear to Faith – Al Whitmoor-Pryer shares how to overcome negativity in business

Al Whitmoor-Pryer was our special guest speaker at CTN Southwest, via Zoom on Friday 24 September. You will be so encouraged in your purpose and destiny with God as you watch his half-hour talk below, entitled From Fear To Faith. You can also download the audio file.

In this Zoom recording, Al shares how many business people are dealing with various fear issues and how these can be overcome. “What I’m seeing in the marketplace on a daily basis, and the business realm is that fear has captivated men and women,” he says. “I have lived through this myself and I am going to share some stories and share some of a new book I am writing, From Fear to Faith, part of a journey I have been on for a number of years. As men and women of purpose, I hope this will help you understand the fullness that God has for you…”

About Al Whitmoor-Pryer

Alistair Whitmoor-Pryer of Kingdom Business is a man of diverse talents and has many inspirational stories to tell about his action pursuits! In addition to being a serial entrepreneur he has a passion for adventure, art and music. He and his wife, Heather run care homes in Devon along with other business interests. Al and Heather are also trustees of Mission 24.

Al is the author of Kingdom Business – You are God’s Entrepreneur and runs the Kingdom Business Course. He is also an elder at Rediscover Church where he can often be seen in the band. He and Heather often lead communion online via Rediscover’s DIE Daily Zoom calls.

Enjoy this special event where you can hear more about being successful in life by doing things God’s way.

Visit Kingdom Biz if you would like to know more about Al’s Preparation For Business Course.

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About CTN Southwest

Crosslink Transformation Network (CTN) brings Christians together from across the marketplace as well as churches wanting to see transformation in their city and county as part of transforming our nation.

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