Dr Bill Price

Develop your strategic thinking and company vision, the neuroscience way with Dr Bill Price

CTN is pleased to welcome neuroscience expert and coach to coaches, Dr Bill Price. Dr Price will be speaking LIVE from South Africa during our regular Zoom meeting on Friday 19th May at 8 am.

Dr Bill Price is a neuroscience practitioner; strategic executive sage and master coach trainer. He holds a double doctorate in the fields of Psychology and Neuroscience with over 26,700 one-on-one hours of coaching and mentoring C-suite executives, African royalty, individuals and life coaches.

His presentation will focus on “Strategic Thinking and your personal and company’s vision and dreams from a neuroscience-spirituality approach, rather than the ordinary!” He will also be outlining some of his personal spiritual journey.

Benefits of hearing Dr Bill Price

You will gain clarity and focus on how to orchestrate your vision, mission, and action plans into rhythm, pacing, and timing. Undergird your sustainability with habits, rituals and rhythms based on the Hebraic Genesis Creation Model.

Invite your friends to attend, especially those you have always wanted to influence with intentionality, to consider becoming more aware of the Christian-spiritual approach to living.

You will discover your inner world and unearth how you think using:

  • The eight brain languages;
  • Thinking filters;
  • Personal prioritisation using your values and belief clusters; and
  • Spirituality filters.

Discover the power of being part of an interactive group that has a mindset of GROWTH AND ABUNDANCE. Encounter a webinar that is not ordinary. Experience being coached rather than listening to yet another 7-point presentation, sermon style!

“We need to become MORE, while trusting and leaning on the inner guidance of the Lord,” says Dr Price, “I’m so excited and am busy preparing to intentionally impact and influence you and your ‘tribe’ so you are encouraged, enriched and empowered to become your ‘Best Version of Self Mastery’!”

Follow Dr Bill Price on LinkedIn and check out his Lead Live Love blog. There you can find his latest article on Introducing the Neuroscience of Things Spiritual.

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